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MāoriWhai Me

Full framed Huruguru

Regular price $50.00 NZD
Regular price Sale price $50.00 NZD

Bring your walls to life with these beautiful MāoriWhai Me hand crafted Framed Huruhuru / Korowai's.

These are perfect as gifts to show those special people your love and respect for them. Whether it's their birthday, graduation, or any other significant occasion, our Framed Huruhuru / Korowai are the most beautiful, fun, and personal gifts.

Or even better keep these beautiful pieces for yourself to MāoriWhai your own home or office!

Our Framed Huruhuru / Korowai's are named after the traditional Māori Gods and the colour choices are a personal interpretation of their backgrounds. 

Currently these designs are one-off! But feel free to contact MāoriWhai Me directly if the one you are after has sold out as we can make one similar if not the same!

Huruhuru / Korowai's are handcrafted using various feathers and Māori patterns. All of these products are in wooden frames with varying sizes, such as A4, A3, A2 etc. The prices are reflective of the frame size. Each Framed Huruhuru / Korowai is unique. Some feathers may vary from the picture due to demand in products and supply of feathers. We will always do our best to ensure you get what you order.

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