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These beautiful modern Kākahu are the perfect gifts to show those special people your love and respect for them. Whether it's their birthday, graduation, or any other significant occasion, our Kākahu are the most beautiful, fun, and personal gifts.

Although these are not necessarily traditional, they are made to stand for our values to "Māori-fy" the modern world around us!

Each Kākahu is made to order with love within 5 days of placing your order. You will be notified once your Kākahu has been made and is ready to send for delivery.

Colours available are Waiporoporo (purple), Whero (red), Kākāriki (green), Kahurangi (blue), Kōwhai (yellow), Mangu (black). Images of our other colours will be uploaded soon.


  • Width - approximately 97cm
  • Length - approximately 93cm
  • Length of Ties - approximately 37cm 
  • Model height - 163cm (5'3)
  • Please note dimensions may vary slightly as these are each made to order.

Fabric Details:

  • Coque feathers.
  • 100% Cotton fabric and lining.
  • Woven tāniko.
  • 2x Four-plaited yarn ties.

Care Instructions:

  • Do not machine wash.
  • Store hung up in shade, best stored in a suit bag.
  • Feathers are delicate, keep out of reach from small children and animals.

Please note: Shipping for these Kākahu are more expensive as we try our best to guarantee the safety of the garment, specifically the feathers, during transit. We must ship the Kākahu separately from other products if you are purchasing multiple items. 

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