Kia Ora whānau, ko Star toku ingoa.

MāoriWhai Me has been an ongoing project that I’ve created with the goal of showing off my beautiful Māori culture in todays modern society. We no longer wear our traditional kakahu (clothing) so I created MaoriWhai Me’s products such as streetwear clothing, blankets, and home decor with the intention of a modern twist on Māori traditions.

MaoriWhai Me simply put aims to Māori-fy the world around us and the modern society we experience today. I aim to reconnect not only myself, but the amazing customers and whānau of MaoriWhai Me, with our culture and country, and promote us to never forget our roots.

Many Māori people feel displaced within their culture and this modern society, or have a lack of access and knowledge about their culture. So incorporating Māori culture into everyday streetwear and home decor is a simple and convenient way to reconnect us.

MāoriWhai Me products are not just a “trend” or “trendy”, the goal is to encourage culture, the Māori culture, which is a lifestyle and sustainable. There has been a massive movement recently to reclaim and restore Māori culture, and I know in my heart this will continue long into the future. I am continuously coming up with new ideas for MaoriWhai Me so I can assure you that you’ll never get bored with my products.

Please contact me if you have questions, queries, feedback, or concerns. I always love to heart from you.

Ngā mihi and I thank you so much for your support!


MāoriWhai Me